More Details about the Retreat

Hey everyone! I am more excited than ever about the Shameless Heart Yoga Retreat after visiting Villa Ojai. I finally have a good grip on the rooming situation and it’s going to be great!

I have to admit how surprised I am about the specific concern about the rooms from everyone. I just want to tell you that the time in your room on this retreat will be minimal and most certainly should NOT make or break your experience. This experience is about confronting fears and shame and opening ourselves up to change and opportunity! It’s about making new friends and liberating our minds and hearts from any pain or suffering that is preventing us from growing and expanding as human beings.Lisa & and I are here to crack you wide open and fill you with love and light. It is truly a life changing opportunity.

All that being said. I am going to explain the rooming options, that are left to purchase, very thoroughly here:

Outdoor Yurt:
There are 2 Yurts that each hold 2 people. These are a super great option if you really want some privacy AND they are only $600 at the Early Bird price. I posted a video below. The Yurts have a short 2 minute walk to a full bath and shower in the yoga studio.

Outdoor Yurt Video

The Master Bedroom with Master Bath and 2 showers:
Sleeping porch ~ semi private (*ie. has a door) with view of backyard, attached to master bedroom, sleeps 2
Attached 2 bedroom ~ semi private (ie, has a door) another room attached to master, sleeps 2
Master bedroom ~ sleeps 5

Master Bedroom Video

*NOTE there is a 1/2 bath right next to the master bedroom

*Also, the 2 private rooms have sold out

Thank you! Again, remember, it’s about the experience. Don’t get so hung up on the rooming situation. We’re going to be busy with lots of yoga and activities.


Shameless Heart Yoga Retreat

Hey! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be hosting my first yoga retreat to Ojai Valley, CA. Ojai is such a beautiful place located in Northeast Ventura County and I found a beautiful space to hold the retreat at. My good friend and fellow yoga teacher, Lisa Saremi, and I will be taking you on a journey through the heart. We will look at what is blocking us from either forgiving, receiving love, giving love, or simply finding happiness OR maybe all of the above. I’ve spent the last 7 years really trying to heal myself emotionally and mentally and, although it’s an ongoing journey, I can’t remember the last time I felt this good about life! I want to share it. I want everyone to find their happy. There is no reason why every single person on this planet can’t change their life or even just embrace the life they have! Happiness is available for you here and today!

Check out my website for some more pics or email me at for more info! It’s going to be life changing goodness!


Back without Shame

So, I haven’t blogged in quite some time, and I’m ok with that. Well, I wasn’t. In fact I thought that maybe I should delete all my previous posts out of shame or embarrassment for not being consistent. But, then I thought again, and I decided that that’s ridiculous. I’m always on this journey of self discovery and sometimes that means veering off of one path to find another. Honestly, I don’t think that I’ve ever felt so clear about my message as I do in this moment. I am stepping forward “confidently in the direction of my dreams.” (H.D.T.)


There is something so magnificent happening energetically on this planet right now and my heart is feeling wide open. I am open to receiving and giving. I am stepping out of this shame box that so many of us live in and stepping into the light that is all around. It’s so interesting to me these subtle energy shifts that are happening globally. For a moment, I was feeling sad and hurt by the human race and the next moment, I was full of hope.The ability to perceive, sense and connect with people via any media is stronger. We can actually connect on an energetic level online. How cool is that?

According to Brene Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection, “connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”


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Blogilates DietBet Challenge ~ Sweatember

Hey All! Those of you following me on FB already know that  I’m am super excited about this Blogilates Sweatember Challenge. It’s the coolest thing ever! First you invest $25 through, along with 3,923 players. and hold yourself responsible for loosing 4% of your bodyweight for the month of Sept. At the end of the month, if you loose the weight, you win some money! The best part is, is Cassey Ho‘s energy and guidance. She provides you with a calendar of intense exercises and she also has a weekly menu plan to help you loose weight AND she does it all for free! How crazy is that???

Here’s Cassey’s video on the challenge:

If her energy comes off a little intense for you, just watch some more videos and you’ll warm up to her ❤ She has a segment she calls Cheap Clean Eats where she breaks down recipes that are affordable and low in calories too!

Today is the official first day of the challenge, but the exercises started on the 1st and boy, they are tough. So even if you don’t do the dietbet, you can join in on the fun!

Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how I do!

The Raw Foodie Mystification ~ transitioning to raw

When I first got excited about eating raw, I bought a few raw food books and a low budget dehydrator and starting eating raw. And, not that I was looking to loose weight by eating raw, but I thought I might loose a few pounds…boy was I wrong. I might of even gained a few pounds. The problem is is that you get so focused on what you can’t eat that you loose sight of balancing your protein and saturated fats. The truth is that Raw foodies and Vegetarians have to be hyper aware of their nutritional facts and that takes time and experience too.

This is a common raw foodie transition problem. I look at my raw food “cook” books and think. “These are just like your regular cookbook. It gives you recipes but not a balanced diet plan.” When you were a meat eater, did you make every meal out of a cookbook? Most likely, no because that would not only be time consuming and expensive, but also be fairly decadent. See, most of the recipes in a Raw Cook Book involve nuts and quite a bit of them. So, you are loading up on fats with nuts. So, portion control becomes more important that ever! Same goes for avocado. The proper portion of avocado for one person is 1/4 of an avocado per day. Yes! That’s less that half 😉

I remember making a big salad and thinking, I’m eating healthy so I’m just going to put in half or all of this avocado and then sprinkle it with some sunflower seeds for lunch and then dinner would be a zucchini pasta with walnut ‘meat’ balls and then some cashew or almond based dessert. In my head, I would think that it’s all raw and vegan so I’m eating healthy, but for a day of eating, I just overloaded myself with saturated fats.

I also think that there’s an emotional response to the deprivation of cooked food. Cooked food = comforting and so, when one transitions, they may seek comfort in indulgence of fats or justification is 2 servings because you aren’t eating cooked rice or beans etc…

Here’s the Raw Food Pyramid to give you an idea of balancing your diet.

That means that your foundation as a raw foodie is greens and fruit and veggies. The other stuff is in modest portions.

So, you may be wondering “how do I transition then?” And, my advice is to do it slowly. Start by eating 1 or 2 raw meals a day and then one cooked one. (this is how I am eating now) This also helps you to start buying all the stuff you need to be raw. Be intuitive about your body. I highly suggest starting with a raw food cleanse or juice cleanse (check my previous posts) and give your body a clean start and then listen to your body. If you feel like a bean burrito, go for it.

This brings me to another issue with the Raw Food Vegan community as a whole. This, of course, is a generalization. But, there seems to be this egoic attitude that if you are not 100% then you’re out. So, you have people saying, I’m 80% raw or 60% raw etc…It’s just silly to me. It almost gets competitive with some social circles. Like, how raw are you? Somehow your level of rawness makes you more committed or authentic.  That’s just ridiculous. The most authentic person you can be is someone who is honoring their body’s needs at all times. And my body, prefers a balanced diet of raw and cooked meals.Here are some links for some raw recipes!

and a comic relief video

MO Raw is Mo Better ~ after the cleanse

Wow ~ I just love doing cleanses. It’s such an amazing way to re-boot the digestive system and the emotional/mental system! I feel so tremendous and I had such ginormous break throughs on limiting thoughts and beliefs that I had that were holding me back. I began to think about how I had drifted so far away from eating mostly raw and remembered how when I tried the 80/10/10 diet that it really threw me off. I don’t want to say that everyone would have the same experience as me, but the fruitarian diet was not for me. I really believe that my lifestyle is just too active for it. Anyways, now that I’m back on board with raw, I was playing with PINterest and finding some awesome links!

Nouveau Raw Nutritional “Cheese” Puffs and Curls

I’m also really enjoying not drinking coffee. It’s so refreshing to know that all of my energy is my own. *Esp if you are a naturally anxious person. I found a affordable dehydrator on Amazon too! Check this out!!!Click this Click this

Ok, and here are some cool Raw food snack links:

Nouveau RAW

Healthy Raw Snacks

PB Banana Stacks

Spicy Kale Chips

YUMMY! Eat more Raw 😀

Plotting and Planning ~ Getting Ready to Cleanse

So, you downloaded the menu and you now you may be feeling overwhelmed with how to get started. So, I’m going to share with you my strategy and it may be how you want to start.

Firstly, I am a coffee lover so I definitely crave my morning cup of Joe. The best way to combat these cravings is with tea or Teechino. I have the Vanilla Nut teechino which is really delicious. You can buy Teechino from Amazon or at Whole Foods Market. I also have quite a good collection of teas from Teavana. Both of these really come in handy!

If you live locally here in South Orange County, the nearest Teavana store that I know of is in the Mission Viejo Mall. It’s not cheap, but they have a wonderful selection of loose herbal teas, decaf roobois teas, green teas and white teas. You want to avoid black tea or mate tea because these are higher in caffeine. This may seem like a little thing, but I’m telling you, if you spend the money on the tea, you’ll be really excited about drinking it. Also, I will steep the fruity herbal teas and cool them for an amazing iced tea beverage with no sugar necessary.

Now for the grocery shopping strategy. I plan on shopping every 2-3 days. If you’re new to this, just focus on 2 days of shopping first. This is because it’s all produce and it’ll go bad if you don’t use it. So follow the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) 🙂

Here’s my grocery list:

  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Water
  • Kidney Beans (cancelling beans because they are cooked :p )
  • 5 Lemons
  • 2 Grapefruit
  • 3 Tangerine
  • 3 Oranges
  • 6 Apples (3 green/3 fujis)
  • Fresh Berries and/or fruits for snacking
  • Fresh carrots and/or snap peas for snacking
  • 3 Cucumbers
  • Bunch of Mint
  • 1 bunch of Kale
  • 1 container of Spinach
  • 2 Heads of Romaine
  • Container of Mixed greens (for salad)
  • Bananas (look for the sale bananas that are already ripe for freezing)
  • Frozen Fruit (whatever catching my attention, usually blueberries and peaches)
  • Tomatoes (vine and cherry)
  • Green Onions
  • Sprouts
  • Celery
  • Fresh Corn
  • Raw Honey
  • Garlic
  • 2 Zucchini
  • Raw Cashews
  • Smooth Move Tea by Traditional Medicinals
  • Kombucha if needed/wanted

I already have my own homemade Kombucha tea, which I sell DIY kits if you’re interested. But I recommend Synergy’s kombucha teas and these can be quite the treat when you’re on a cleanse or whenever in my case! I love me some Kombucha. I also have my own taco seasoning blend. I recommend making your own because those pre-packs have lots of preservatives and salt. Here’s a good recipe for that:

Taco Seasoning Recipe

So, now that you are set for the first 2 days of cleanse, you have time to check other recipes online. Here are some of my fave sites:

Healthy soups

Radiantly Raw

Raw Addiction

Raw on $10 a Day

There’s seriously a limitless amount of sites available online. Have fun go on google or Pinterest and search for Raw food recipes, raw soups, raw raw raw etc etc… 🙂 You know how to search. Remember nothing cooked 😉

Now, you should also prepare yourself for some possible physical detox symptoms of headaches, slight nausea or sluggishness. This is the body pushing out toxins. You can combat this by drinking lots of fluids, the detox baths, taking hot yoga and even scheduling yourself a nice deep tissue massage or even making an appointment for a colonic. Don’t be afraid. Hehe. It’s good for you!

Now, get ready to cleanse!

7 Day Raw Re-Boot Cleanse

So pumped to start this cleanse! I thought it would be nice to try something a little different instead of doing a juice cleanse. This is a 100% RAW cleanse. So check out my downloadable 7day raw menu:

7 Day Re-Boot


So this cleanse is inspired by the amazing Penni Shelton and her book Raw Food Cleanse. If you want to learn more, buy this book! You can go on Pinterest or google recipes for smoothies, juices, soups, salad dressings and even raw food entrees. The rules are semi-flexable too, as long as you keep it raw and healthy. I’ll be sharing some sites with you soon. Subscribe to blog and like me on Facebook to stay tuned in!


PS ~ deep tissue massages, yoga (*esp hot), any kind of exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and even colonics are suggested but not required.


Welcome to 2013!!!

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!!! What a wonderful time to be alive 🙂 So much opportunity so much love. Here’s my completed 2013 Vision Board! Isn’t it awesome?


I have so much planned for this year! I don’t even know where to begin, but here’s a bullet list of what I will be posting over the next month or two:

So, first things first, about 2 weeks ago I found this Pin on Pinterest about the OCM (link above). Upon further research, I went out and bought my supplies to proceed with the skin care. I also had heard of the benefits of honey. I found this great video about it and was really inspired!

So, here’s my new skin care regime! It’s a bit of both:


Use my Castor Oil and EVOO blend recommended from Healthy Diaries blog and follow the foregoing advice The routine goes like this:    1.    Let your faucet run, so the water gets pretty hot. (Mine takes a minute)    2.    Gently rub a quarter size amount on your face for about a minute. Make sure to massage it in and not scrub it.    3.    Run a washcloth under the faucet. (You want the water to be hot enough, but not too hot where you’ll burn yourself. I usually get it really hot and slowly test it on my face. If it’s to hot I just air it out for a second. This part is important, because it has to be hot enough to cause a steaming effect that helps to remove the dirt form your pores.) Leave the washcloth over your face until it’s cooled down, about a minute. **sometimes I will gently wash off more oil with the warm cloth but not all of it!   4.    Wash your hands    5.    Gently wipe off the oil using the washcloth.    6.    Your skin will probably look nice an supple and will probably be a little red from the steam.You should see even better results the next morning. My skin felt so smooth and my complexion already looked better. I swear that my acne scars lighted up after just a few days.

Morning (I use plain honey 4x a week and the honey/baking soda blend 3x):

Step 1.Take about a tablespoon of plain RAW honey 4x a week and the mixture 3x (1/2 cup organic raw local honey + 1 tsp. baking soda [I use RAW honey, the baking soda is added to exfoliate gently]) mix in the palm of one hand and then gently smear all over your face, rubbing in tiny circles. Sounds like a strange thing to do, yes, but honey is amazing for healing and cleansing!

Step 2: Leave honey on for about three minutes (sometimes I’ll let it sit for a long time while I do my daily chores).

Step 3: Rinse honey off in COLD or luke warm water. Hot water will cause unwanted inflammation, whereas the cold water closes pores and will not risk giving your face a mild burn.

Step 4: With wet skin take about a dime size drop of Sweet Almond Oil and rub into skin. Then gently rinse & Pat skin dry or let air dry.

And that’s it! I’ve had problematic skin my whole life and I’m telling you that it has never felt so good!

Now as for getting in the most amazing shape ever, I’m really excited about committing to BodyRock’s workouts and I might mix it up with a little of Zuzka Light. (links posted in bullet list) The thing about BodyRock (ie. the Daily Hit) is that the sell a lot of product, but that’s how they keep the exercises free right? Anyways, I invested in the Gymboss timer (<<click link) which came out to about $23 and then I really wanted the Liebert Equalizer that Lisa-Marie uses but it sells for $119.99 plus shipping. So I got my fingers typing and found this awesome link with a DIY Equalizer (<<<click link) Although she states that it cost her about $35, it cost me close to $60, which is still less than half the cost of buying it online. And here it tis!!!


So, a few tips from me on this….the Lowe’s guys don’t cut for you anymore. So, you’re on your own with that, but I managed to get everything from Lowe’s, handsaw myself and glued all the pieces together in less that 2 hours. Also, the spraypaint is crazy messy! Even though I laid a bunch of newspaper down, it managed to mark up the ground outside of the paper. And lastly, I used the washing machine tape wrap that was recommended and it’s SUPER SUPER STICKY!!! I mean, like tar. So, I don’t know, if I had to do that part again, I would have practiced a bit on the left over PVC pipe because there is a tiny bit leftover and I would have used gloves! I mean, I can’t tell you how sticky this stuff is and it tears easily. On the bright side though, it is super squishy and has good grip for the equilizer. We’ll see how well it holds up!

As far as the healthy eating goes, I am soooooo stoked about finding Happy Herbivore! I am 3 days into my first week and I feel like I’m finally learning how to live a healthy, vegan lifestyle. It really has been a struggle. Even when I ate the SAD, I had poor eating habits and it’s so hard to find something that suits a Vegan/Vegetarians needs! She even has options for Gluten Free and Soy Free. So, it’s only $5 a week and I get:

  • A weekly Vegan Menu with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and Snacks (following a 1200 calorie diet)
  • a grocery list
  • recipes for every meal, laid out in order of Menu
  • a list of healthy 50 and 100 calorie snacks that you can supplement with (I eat more calories on days with more Yoga or Cardio, I don’t believe in starving)
  • AND, as a bonus, some wonderful emotional and spiritual guidance!!!

I’m also reading a couple books on Meditative eating. I find that I’m always eating super fast, like it’s a race, and that even when I’m full, I feel like I have to finish. So, I’m reading Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life  by Thich Nhat Hanh (Author), Lilian Cheung (Author) and I just started reading May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein , which surprisingly deals with my exact eating issues in addition to a bunch of other stuff!

…Leading me into the final leap! 

I plan to remove all my fears! I know there’s some left, so I’m going to ditch em! Gabrielle’s book, May Cause Miracles, has a 40 day plan with daily activities to lead you to a fear free life. Here’s the Amazon book description:

Are you ready to work miracles? Gabrielle Bernstein believes that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives, including our relationships, finances, bodies, and self-image. In this inspiring guide, Gabrielle offers an exciting plan for releasing fear and allowing gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow through us without fail. All of which, ultimately, will lead to breathtaking lives of abundance, acceptance, appreciation, and happiness. With May Cause Miracles, readers can expect incredible transformation in 40 powerful days: simply by adding up subtle shifts to create miraculous change.

I’m starting my 40 day plan tomorrow (Sunday, Jan. 6th) So, Happy New Year!!! Get on the bus 🙂

Breaking the Fast

Hooray!!!! You made it!!! Give yourself 3 pats on the back. Good job 🙂 So, let’s talk about food!!! First, watch this video

OK! Now, you don’t have any questions right?

Well, here’s the pdf of the menu, Breaking Fast Menu (click here for the download) I posted links to the websites that I got the recipes from so you can read how to prepare these amazing meals! Please feel free to message me with any questions. Do to time constraints, I want to post this for you right away AND I gotta get to the grocery store ❤
Hope you are all feeling fantastic!

Here’s a super sexy raw dessert too 🙂 10 minute RAW Peach Cobbler (click here for the recipe)

Meditate on your food while you chew! Always love and honor the body ❤ Namaste!