Crazy Sexy Cleanse ~ Starting Wed, Sept. 5th

Can I just say how excited I am for Kris Carr’s 21 day Cleanse? I mean seriously, I am still recovering from the Banana Girl Backslide. That may not be fair. I don’t want to blame the last 2 weeks of eating terribly on the HCRV experiment. However, I believe that my mental/emotional/physical response to eating nothing but fruit and lettuce for 2 weeks instigated me to over indulge in pretty much whatever the heck I want. Which for most people is normal, but, well, I’m not most people. Prior to me starting the Banana Girl Diet, I was eating 80% raw. Now, I’m more like 40% raw. I feel like a little kid that is eating whatever my mom told me I couldn’t eat. The HCRV diet also brought up a bunch of stuff up for me emotionally. So, I know that I have been feeding my emotional monster as well. Ultimately, my body is pretty angry at me right now for eating and drinking garbage.

So, I’m most definitely using Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy 21 Day cleanse to get back on my disciplinary health train. What I’m also excited about is that Kris Carr’s diet is raw/cooked ratio of 60/40 to 80/20 (which is what I’m used to). I’m fairly certain at this point in my life that my body needs some cooked food. I’m very comfortable with the idea of being an 80/20 girl 🙂

So, I’m crazy prepared for this cleanse! I’m starting Wednesday, Sept. 5th and because I’m looking to loose some weight in addition to this cleanse I will monitoring my calories. I’m also using the free online website to do it because I want to monitor my nutritional intake. It finally dawned on me that I should be taking some supplements…primarily because Kris Carr recommends to take Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.  In addition to the vitamins, I’m going to be taking some Dr. Oz recommended supplements of Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Extract to hopefully help me burn more calories. They’re all natural supplements and I figured, what the heck, it can’t hurt.
Honestly, I eat very healthy and teach lots of hot vinyasa yoga a week, as well as practice my own and am at a total loss as to why I have any extra weight to carry around! It simply makes no sense at all. So, I’m a little desperate and am going for the Dr. Oz supplements. Although, I kind of think that he’s a bit of a tool and don’t really trust him. I read the product reviews from several different sources and it seems that it’s a bit of a gamble. So, I’m rolling the dice and betting on black 😉 I will also be adding a bit of cardio and weights to my regime.

Ok ~ so here are my goodies to share!

Free Calorie Tracker online and for your phone!

kris_carr_itenerary ( I modified this template from to fit Kris Carr’s diet plan)

Mood_DailyPagePrintable   (I modified this jpg from design finch to fit Kris Carr’s guided Daily’s from her book Crazy Sexy Diet)

Weekly Menu Planner ( I also modified this one a bit to accommodate the cleanse)
I printed all these out and put them in a binder and am planning on being super disciplined about this! This is so much more than a diet! The guided daily’s are a huge plus!
After googling Kris Carr’s cleanse, I found lots of info that I’ll share with you here if you want to research more before you invest in teh book, but, let me just say, that the book is so worth it!

peace love and greens

yummy recipes

pickles and honey

Well, that’s it for now! Hope you get inspired to join me. Even if not by September 5th, anytime after!

Love Love Love


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