More Details about the Retreat

Hey everyone! I am more excited than ever about the Shameless Heart Yoga Retreat after visiting Villa Ojai. I finally have a good grip on the rooming situation and it’s going to be great!

I have to admit how surprised I am about the specific concern about the rooms from everyone. I just want to tell you that the time in your room on this retreat will be minimal and most certainly should NOT make or break your experience. This experience is about confronting fears and shame and opening ourselves up to change and opportunity! It’s about making new friends and liberating our minds and hearts from any pain or suffering that is preventing us from growing and expanding as human beings.Lisa & and I are here to crack you wide open and fill you with love and light. It is truly a life changing opportunity.

All that being said. I am going to explain the rooming options, that are left to purchase, very thoroughly here:

Outdoor Yurt:
There are 2 Yurts that each hold 2 people. These are a super great option if you really want some privacy AND they are only $600 at the Early Bird price. I posted a video below. The Yurts have a short 2 minute walk to a full bath and shower in the yoga studio.

Outdoor Yurt Video

The Master Bedroom with Master Bath and 2 showers:
Sleeping porch ~ semi private (*ie. has a door) with view of backyard, attached to master bedroom, sleeps 2
Attached 2 bedroom ~ semi private (ie, has a door) another room attached to master, sleeps 2
Master bedroom ~ sleeps 5

Master Bedroom Video

*NOTE there is a 1/2 bath right next to the master bedroom

*Also, the 2 private rooms have sold out

Thank you! Again, remember, it’s about the experience. Don’t get so hung up on the rooming situation. We’re going to be busy with lots of yoga and activities.