Day 11 ~ 30 Day Banana Girl Challenge

OK ~ I have definitely been feeling the Raw Food Blues. This is tough for me! I’m frankly a bit surprised because I’ve been eating mostly raw for at least 5 months now and I’ve done several cleanses and diets before. I felt pretty stupendous for the first 3 or 4 days. However, I started encountering some digestive issues and then with all the yoga I’ve been teaching, I’ve had problems getting my smoothies within a reasonable time frame. Trust me, it is not easy to teach a hot vinyasa flow class with a belly full of banana and date smoothie! No to mention the amount of water required to eat.

So, I’ve gotta be real with you. This is a time consuming and high maintenance program. I’m sure that with time you adjust, but my inner rebel is very frustrated with all the rules and limitations. It seems simple enough to just eat fruit…..lots and lots of fruit. We’re talking about aiming for 2500 to 3000 calories a day in fruit. It’s doable if you focus on eating bananas and dates because they’re rich in calories. However, it can be a bit tedious. Then with all the tracking and logging my foods in…well, I stopped tracking for a day. I took a day of no tracking yesterday because I needed it.

I’m sure this comes down to personality types, but for me, the constant monitoring and tracking and the lack of little things that I’ve come to enjoy like nuts, salt and raw cacao have me a bit irritable.

On the bright side, I feel much lighter and cleaner. I wake up feeling fresh without any bloating or water retention. My skin is definitely glowing and people are noticing. I indulged in a few items off the fruitarian menu yesterday so that I could be fresh and involved again today. I know some purest would poo poo me for doing that, but, for me, it was like ” I better do this or else I’m going to flip my lid.” I’m just following the AA policy of 1 day at a time right now. Let’s see if I make it to 30 days. I might based on sheer will alone 😉
Ultimately, follow your intuition! Rome wasn’t created in a day!!! Onward and upward 🙂